Doppleganger is my most recent project from my series with basket weaving reed. While I work often with self-reflection, I wanted to focus on the physical reflection of the viewer while they attempt to view this piece. My reed sculptures generally are a mass of interwoven circles that allow the eye to more randomly through the piece.
Doppleganger changes this and my viewer’s interaction with the piece altogether. The mirrors allow the viewer to see behind and around the piece. From any angle that the piece is viewed, you have to view something else along with it. I wanted the viewer to have to interact with themselves and others as they interacted with the piece.

Many people love mirrors and others avoid them all together. I think it’s interesting how something as simple as looking back at ourselves can create inward reflection, or a myriad of other emotions. A lot of viewers stand back from the piece in order to avoid their reflection, while others loved the idea of “seeing themselves” in the piece.

Blog post of the process coming soon!